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BES 4 Dream Edition Embroidery Lettering Software

BES®4 Dream Edition

True Innovation in Embroidery Lettering and Monogramming PC Software Plus BES®4 Wireless Upgrade Kit & Free Access to BES®Cloud for basic edits on-the-go

The BES®4 Dream Edition is a full-featured desktop lettering, monogramming and customization PC software with more designs, more fonts, and more creative customizing and editing features than ever before! Plus, it includes a new wireless upgrade kit and convenient BES Cloud® web application for free storage and basic editing capabilities.

The versatility of this new software is perfect for any embroiderer, from beginner to expert. You will love the ability to create designs on your PC, transfer designs wirelessly, and edit designs on-the-go.

Lettering, Monogramming and Appliqué for Any Embroiderer
840+ Embroidery Designs, Including 101 Designs


New designs

A wide variety of new professionally digitized designs to customize. Something for almost everyone, from elegant to sporty.



Frames Image

Add decorative or fun frames to monograms or other designs.

Monogram Décors

New designs

Use the monogram décors to create monograms or small accent designs to enhance your embroidery projects.


Word Collage

Frames Image

Create lettering artwork by selecting a predefined shape and typing in words. The program will randomly generate lettering in the artwork.

199 Pre-Digitized Fonts, Including 9 Fonts
199 Predigitized Fonts

Our split letter designs are perfect for creating unique and personalized embroidery.

199 Predigitized Fonts
Enhanced Design Customizing and Editing

Merge Multiple Designs

New designs

Merge multiple designs onto a design page and add text for a finished embroidery design.


Horizontal & Vertical Distribute Tools

Frames Image

The new Horizontal and Vertical Distribute Tools evenly space designs on the design page.

New Multi-Colored Lettering

New designs

Create multi-colored lettering with the click of a button.


Font Filter — Sort Fonts by Category

Frames Image

The new Font Filter narrows down font choices based on the attribute selected. Font filter categories are Appliqué fonts, Run fonts, Script fonts and Small fonts.

Drop Shadow for Fonts

New designs

Add a 3D effect to your lettering with our new Drop Shadow effect for fonts.


Scatter Design Tool

Frames Image

The new Scatter Design Tool allows random artful arrangements of an embroidery design. Click "Apply" until you have the design you desire.

Add Lettering to Embroidery Design & Align Design Elements

New designs

As always, with the 199 fonts at your fingertips, you can add lettering to your own designs or use one of the built-in designs and align with our alignment tools.


Arrange on Row

Frames Image

Allows easy artful repeating designs on rows. Select a design, choose the number of rows and columns and click “Apply.” It’s that easy.

Text Connector Designs

New designs

Create unique monograms or text segments using our text connector designs.


Alpha Mapping

Frames Image

Turn text designs into keyboard lettering with all the benefits of keyboard lettering, such as text on a circle or path text designs.

Monogram Designer

New designs

The Monogram Designer has 21 monogram templates to select from with 126 monogram frames and 137 monogram décor designs to create stylish monograms.


Follow Path Tool

Frames Image

The Follow Path tool arranges words along the outside of a path to create embroidery designs.

Built-in Recipes, Match Projects to Fabrics & Stabilizers

Frames Image

Take the guesswork out of designing and embroidering by using one of the built-in recipes to adjust the properties for the built-in lettering designs. The recipes provide stabilizer, needle and thread guidance for successful embroidery results.

Go Wireless with BES®4 Wireless Upgrade Kit

Connect Wirelessly

  • Transfer virtually any PES file from your PC to select Brother machines*

  • Transfer designs from your PC to BES® Cloud to access on-the-go

  • BES®4 Wireless Upgrade Kit includes SD Wireless Card and USB to SD Adapter

*Ask your dealer for machine compatibility.

4 Simple Steps to Connect
Create Appliqués from ScanNCut Cut Files

Precision cut appliqués with ScanNCut.

It’s simple! Convert cut files into appliqué embroidery files, and then embroider on your embroidery machine.

Free BES® Cloud to Edit and Store Designs On-The-Go
Edit on-the-go from your desktop or mobile device with this simplified version of BES®4 Dream Edition on


  • Access to BES® Cloud, a free cloud-based software for basic editing

  • No subscription required

  • Edit and save on-the-go from your PC / Laptop or tablet

  • Send designs wirelessly to your machine

Video Image
Free Access to BES<sup>®</sup> Cloud Image


  • USB containing full version of software
  • 8GB SD Wireless Card
  • Card Reader (USB Adapter) – allows PCs and embroidery machines without SD card slot to use the included SD Wireless Card
  • Installation and Quick Start Guides


Compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and software.
  • Save designs in multiple formats: .pes, .sew, .jef, .hus, .pcs, .dst, .xxx, .exp, .shv, .vip, .vp3; and these quilting formats: .dxf, .pat, .cqp, .hqf, .iqp, .plt, .ssd, .qli, .wmf
  • Import designs from: .brf, .pes, .pec, .sew, .jef, .hus, .pcs, .dst, .xxx, .exp, .shv, .vip, .art, .vp3, .zip
  • Import .fcm cut files and export as: .fcm and .svg cut files
  • Export as artwork files: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif


  • Computer: PC or compatible computer
  • Operation System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 or Windows® 10
  • Processor: Genuine Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • Hard disk free space: Minimum 1 gigabyte
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 video resolution with 16-bit color or higher
  • USB Port: Required for installation
  • Mouse: Required for operating software
  • Internet Access: Required to activate license and utilize wireless and Cloud capabilities
  • Wireless router (2.4 GHZ band) required to activate embroidery machine’s wireless and Cloud capabilities

Made in the USA from imported software and USB. SD card made in Japan. Card Reader Adapter made in China. Apple and Mac are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. *It is not recommended to save designs to the included USB stick, standard USB stick available for separate purchase.

NEW! Introducing BES 4 Dream Edition Power Pack Add-On

Enhance your projects today with the BES4 Dream Edition Power Pack add-on. Creating custom lettering or monogramming for all your sewing projects has never been easier! Plus unlock new tools, templates and fonts that will take your projects to next level!

  • Send multiple designs from both desktop and cloud in one send action. Send directly to your wireless-enabled ScanNCut cutting machine right from your desktop BES4

  • Auto split large designs and save as PES for multi-needle jumbo hoops

  • Additional stitch and cutter functionality for more options and control in your designs

  • Enhanced Word Collage – now with two font capability and the ability to save your own shapes as a template

  • Added Nap Control to apply auto underlay for napped fabrics

  • Convert TTF to run or appliqué

  • Convert fonts or shapes to decorative fills with borders at the click of a button

  • Unlock more BES Cloud features

  • Import and/or open SVG files and open PHC file formats

  • 330+ built-in Emojis

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